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Products - Herringbone Parlour

Herringbone Parlour – The Classical Milking Parlour


A newly designed stand construction with a step dimension of 1200 mm and an installation angle of 28°, the straight milking floor in a width of over 2 m as well as the practical and clear arrangement of the functional elements ensure a sufficient degree of freedom of motion and safe working. With the modular construction system the realisation of different sizes of milking parlours from 2x4 up to 2x20 milking stands is easily to be implemented. The assembly of the stand framing is possible both on the wall and as a stand-alone version.

The herringbone parlour can optionally be equipped with a feeding system for group dosage or, in connection with herd management, for milk yield-dependent individual feeding.
According to the desired degree of automation, there is a wide range of PULSATRONIC milking automation available. With the control devices PULSATRONIC E, PULSATRONIC A+ and PULSATRONIC M user-specific conditions can be taken into account. The term PULSATRONIC stands for efficient and unimpeded work and controls the entire milking process in an easy-on-the-udder and highly productive manner. Intermediate cluster disinfection constitutes a reliable and long proven solution for the safeguarding of stable udder health. The herringbone parlour may also optionally be equipped with rotary quick change.

The milking parlour which exhibits a robust and stable design with optimally adjusted and technologically perfected functional units ensures high operational reliability even in the continuous milking process with large livestock.


Herringbone parlour 2x8 - MultiLactor

IMPULSA ProfiMelkarm

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