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Products - Herd Management

Herd Management

Nothing works without a computer anymore. The same applies to the milk producer. Herd management programs and the IMPULSA Herd Management System create the preconditions for a systematic decrease of running costs.



WinPulsa is a specially developed PC program which realises  automatic coupling with a specialised user program, edits all data for the level near the process and transfers them there, collects information of the process and further processes and/or transfers them to the user programs for further processing.



Animal Identification

Reliable animal identification ensures the exact classification of process data to the individual animal. The transponder can be attached to the collar. The application of ear tags is possible as well. In dependence of local circumstances different antennas are used.



Selection Facilities

Using a selection facility, animals can be selected during their movement and directed in different directions according to different criteria into a given drift race or into a subsequent waiting yard. The choice of the animals to be selected is made via PC, however, it may also be done in the milking stand.



Mastitis Identification

For mastitis identification fore milking is necessary. With a special four-channel probe approx. 20 ml of milk from each udder quarter are made subject to conductivity measurement. In this context, the conductivity is checked for limiting values, the udder quarters are compared and the result is immediately shown on a display.
Alternatively all milking places can be equipped with mastitis sensors. By analyzing the emitted conductivity you get information about a possibility illness. This sensor can by employed in all IMPULSA parlour types.


Mastitis probe for complete amount of milk

The Intelligent Eartag

A New System For

  • Reliable Heat Detection
  • Ruminant Monitoring
  • Real-time Cow localization

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