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Products - Cooling & Storage

Cooling & Storage

Quick and gentle cooling-down of the milk to the final storage temperature of 4 degrees Celsius is absolutely essential for safeguarding raw-milk quality.
Milk cooling troughs, milk cooling tanks and supplementary modules such as pre-coolers and heat recovery installations form a broad and graded delivery programme for each type and each size of installation.


Milk Cooling Tank

Cooling raw milk in a closed system brings hygienic and energetic advantages. In dependence of the requirements, electronically and electromechanically controlled stirring machines take care of an optimal circulation of the milk during the cooling process. Both inside and outside corrosion-resistant and acid-proof steel is applied. Owing to the unique shape of the tank a large exchanger area is already achieved with a low milk level. The Lavatronic cleaning system with re-heating ensures a constant uniform cleaning success at a main washing cycle temperature of 55 degrees Celsius. Milk cooling tanks of a smaller structural shape are supplied as plug-in units and can be put into operation immediately. The milk cooling tanks of the upper capacity class are completely assembled in terms of cooling technology as well and equipped with a mains cable for unproblematic connection.


Through the application of a pre-cooler the cooling capacity to be installed can be reduced. The heated water may preferably be used as drinking water for the animals.

Heat Recovery

Using energy twice and paying only once – the heat recovery installation makes it happen. Its application is possible everywhere where milk is being cooled. Heat recovery installations are available in different size categories. With heat recovery you will always have warm water.



Milk cooling tank