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Products - Milking Automation

Milking Automation PULSATRONIC
Milk Metering - PULSAMETER 

With a homogeneous controlling concept the automation system PULSATRONIC is offered in several design variants.Homogeneously with all variants each cow, whether it is a quickly or slowly-milked cow, chooses its own pulsation regime. This is realised in dependence of the milk stream, whereby the pulsation parameters and the switching point over to automatic stripping are adjusted to the individual requirements as regards their effectiveness. All available automation variants contain automatic pre-stimulation combined with the APF process. Electronic milk stream monitoring will exclude blind milking in any case.



Especially for milking in shed milking installations the control devices PULSATRONIC S accu and PULSATRONIC S+ have been developed. Both control devices are of compact, light and handy design. The PULSATRONIC S accu works off the line using an accumulator. Loading of the accumulator is done during the milking interval when the control devices are connected to the jetters for cleaning and disinfection. The control device PULSATRONIC S+ is sup-plied with voltage over a plug. It provides additional milk quantity evaluation with a resolution of approx. 2 kg.




PULSATRONIC ECO E Standard / Compact

For a simple automation of the milking process in milking parlours the control device PULSA-TRONIC E is available in two variants. The dif-ference lies in the location of the milk stream indicator. With the PULSATRONIC E Standard the milk stream indicator is located close to the deeply installed milk pipeline. With the compact version the milk stream indicator is integrated in the control device. Both control devices realise the milk quantity evaluation with a resolution of approx. 2 kg.


The control device PULSATRONIC A+ is also designed for the application in milking parlours and is designated for the connection of the milk meter PULSAMETER. Using the latter, exact milk metering is enabled.







Of all variants, PULSATRONIC M exhibits the highest degree of automation. Over the graphic display the milking process is indicated self-explanatorily in accordance with the technological march. The milker is led through the milking process. The special advantage of PULSATRONIC M is the application with animal identification and herd management. The milker can immediately see the essential information about the individual animal in each milking stand on the display. Further information can easily be requested or entered at the milking stand. In dependence of the milking technology (rotary, herringbone, tandematic, side by side parlour) the process up or downstream the milking itself (e.g. animal change) is controlled by the program. During cleaning and disinfection of the milk-carrying pipeline system the PULSATRONIC M controls the PULSAMETER milk meters with a specially developed mechanism and provides a very good cleaning effect at an optimal water consumption. The open, expandable system is prepared for program expansions to be expected in the future.
The PULSATRONIC M, in connection with the animal identification, supports milk sampling by displaying box and bottle numbers and calculates the sample volume to be taken.
With a further developed software the performance rage was enlarged. The operator
kindness was improved by background illumination of the display. This new development is compatible for all extending plants.



Control device PULSATRONIC M

PULSAMETER Milk Metering

The PULSAMETER milk meter is an internationally-recognised milk meter. In combined action with the milking automation units PULSATRONIC A+ and PULSATRONIC M a milk volume is metered related to its mass in accordance with the tipping scale principle. The milk stream is monitored and gives the signals for switching on and off all milk stream-dependent automation functions. The vacuum influence is very little and it is far below the admissible limiting value. Next to measuring accuracy and a high hygiene level, the device is characterised by reliable performance and a long service life. For taking milk samples in the context of milk recording, there is an easy-to-handle sampling unit available


PULSAMETER milk meter with Sampling unit