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Products - Rotary Milking Parlour

Rotary Milking Parlour Milk from the Conveyor Belt

Continuous driving-in and driving-out of the animals and, therefore, cessation of group change are criteria characterising the rotary milking parlour.16 to 60 milking stands on which the animals stand in a herringbone-shaped row pass the milker.

Short distances and great operating convenience ensure high operational capacities and best working conditions. Udder pretreatment, fixing of the clusters and then start. The rest will be effected by the milking automation system PULSATRONIC.

You can use a stripping and removal unit or the IMPULSA ProfiMelkarm to achieve 
an optimal milking process and an optimal end.

The bearing is designed in a robust manner. All structural steel elements can, if required, be replaced in the milking intervals during the running operation. Reinforced grates for walking ensure an excellent stand stability for the animals. Moreover, coated and enclosed floor spaces are available as well.

The rotary milking parlour can be equipped with concentrate dispensers for group or individual dosage. Concentrate ejection is nearly dust-free. With the PULSATRONIC M milking automation the system is provided with an autostop function. The rotary parlour is stopped automatically as soon as an animal comes close to the driving-out place while the milking process is not yet completed. Through the application of a singling system in the area of driving-in it can be ensured that each milking stand is occupied by one animal. All milking places can be equipped with conductivity sensors. For an effective infection barrier, flushing, disinfecting and clear rinsing of the milking cups are automatically effected after each milking period.

The rotary milking parlour is driven by the proven and robustly designed rack-and-pinion gear. Only one driving motor is applied. The rotational speed of the rotary parlour can be adjusted continuously from 6.5 to 18 minutes per rotation.


teats spray unit in The rotary

For the IMPULSA - Teat spray unit PULSADIP a patent was given.

Their advantages are:
for all milking places of a rotary is enough one spray unit
the spay time und und spray duration are freely
optimised spray means consumption
the IMPULSA-teat-spray-unit is postpreparable

Rotary milking parlour with stripping and CR

Rotary milking parlour with ProfiMilkingArm

Rotary milking parlour with MultiLactor