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Products - Milk Releaser

Milk Releaser

Ensuring stable vacuum conditions for the milking process and gentle outward transfer of the milk from the vacuum are important criteria for best quality of raw milk. For the different conditions of application in pipe-line milking installations and parlour installations special design variants are available. With the compact frame design the required assembly work is reduced and defects in assembling are excluded. The optimal design of the pre-storage tank in terms of cleaning technology and the design of the constructional details ensure perfect cleaning and disinfection with an economic effect. The pre-storage tank can be supplied both as glass or stainless steel model. The safety tank included in the rinsing circuit as well as the large-volume vacuum connection ensure high functionality and vacuum constancy in the milk pipeline system.
The positioning of the level switch improves the accessibility to the individual functional elements.

Milk releaser as stainless steel model