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Products - MultiLactor

MultiLactor® - a new humanitarian & pet friendly milking system

The MultiLactor® is a new innovative milking systems and setting new standards.
For the first time, the needs of the animals considered .

Milking without claw, nominal vacuum smaller 36 kPa, high ground clearance, without adverse tensile forces on the teats are the characteristics of new milking system.


Preparation of the teat cup

  • By pressing a button swings the MultiLactor ® automatically in the contacting position in front of the udder
  • Easy back-friendly preparation of the teat with one hand
  • Only 300 grams per step
  • Relaxation and readiness for milking is produced by careful pre-stimulation



The actuator provides a stimulating milking without irritation to the teat

  • The udder has an uniform weight distribution

  • Low vacuum and quarterly individual and sequential pulsation enable a perfect, gentle animal milking

  • For this reason, the weight of each teat cup can be reduced significantly

  • Conclusion: Milking, as the calf sucked



End of milking

  • Fully automatic, gentle removal of the teat cup without touching the ground

  • Elegant retracting the teat cups after milking in the magazine

  • No twisted hanging clusters after milking




Automatic cleaning

  Fully automatic cleaning and disinfection

  • Swinging the magazine and tilting downward to the intermediate disinfection (saniBox

  • Disinfecting liquid and water are collected and checked removed

  • Perfect outdoor and indoor disinfection of milking unit,
    Swinging back to the starting position for the next milking cycle

  • Quarter of separation and disinfected between preventing transmission of mastitis pathogens by the milking machine, either from teat to teat, even from animal to animal


Rotary Milking Parlour with MultiLactor

"The teatcups dancing under the cow's udder "