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Products - Pipeline Milking Installation

Pipeline Milking Installation - Milking in the Tie-up Cowshed

Quick and easy on-the-udder-milking is ensured by the IMPULSA pipeline milking installation - also for larger livestock in tie-up cowsheds. Numerous design variants for the arrangement of milk pipelines made of rust-resistant steel enable the adaptation to different projects. Separate milk pipeline loops per row of milking stands or also the bridging of farm ways ensure in any case a design in conformity with the standards as well as free access for mobile feeding and manure removal. Milk sluices and automatic cleaning machines are designed for the specific requirements of the pipeline milking installation. The milking unit equipment is also flexible. Whether you use a pneumatic pulsator or the milking automation PULSATRONIC ECO S accu or the newly developed PULSATRONIC ECO - milking in the cow-shed is attractive again.